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Document more stuff for new GitLab projects

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......@@ -12,3 +12,10 @@ the "Developer" role. The idea is to let these people mostly manage their own pr
4. If a project needs a secure runner to build trusted artifacts, coordinate with
the rest of the DevOps team and if found to be reasonable, assign a secure runner
to a protected branch of the project.
5. Make sure that the Push Rules in
tick all of "Committer restriction", "Reject unsigned commits", "Do not allow
users to remove tags with git push", "Check whether author is a GitLab user",
"Prevent committing secrets to Git". All of these should be activated by
default as per group rules but it's good to check.
6. The Protected Branches in
should specify "Allowed to merge" and "Allowed to push" as "Developers + Maintainers."
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