Unverified Commit 61d1e4c0 authored by Jakub Klinkovský's avatar Jakub Klinkovský
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Add task to build archlinux-common-style

parent 6b42f2d5
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
- python-requests
- python-xtarfile
- uwsgi-plugin-python
- make
- sassc
- name: make archmanweb user
user: name=archmanweb shell=/bin/false home="{{ archmanweb_dir }}"
......@@ -43,6 +45,14 @@
become_user: archmanweb
register: release
- name: build archlinux-common-style
cmd: make SASS=sassc
chdir: "{{ archmanweb_dir }}/repo/archlinux-common-style"
become: true
become_user: archmanweb
when: release.changed or archmanweb_forced_deploy
- name: configure archmanweb
template: src=local_settings.py.j2 dest={{ archmanweb_dir }}/repo/local_settings.py owner=archmanweb group=archmanweb mode=0660
register: config
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