Verified Commit 9ce7d6e9 authored by Frederik Schwan's avatar Frederik Schwan
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fix missing permissions for fetchmail to pass mails to patchwork

parent d6686f81
fetchmail ALL=(patchwork) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/env PW_PYTHON=/srv/http/patchwork/env/bin/python /srv/http/patchwork/patchwork/bin/
......@@ -100,6 +100,9 @@
- name: install patchwork parsemail script
template: src="" dest="/usr/local/bin/" owner=root group=root mode=0755
- name: install sudoer rights for fetchmail to call patchwork
copy: src=fetchmail-patchwork dest=/etc/sudoers.d/fetchmail-patchwork owner=root group=root mode=0440
- name: install patchwork memcached service
template: src="patchwork-memcached.service.j2" dest="/etc/systemd/system/patchwork-memcached.service" owner=root group=root mode=0644
PW_PYTHON={{ patchwork_dir }}/env/bin/python {{ patchwork_dir }}/patchwork/bin/
sudo -u patchwork /usr/bin/env PW_PYTHON={{ patchwork_dir }}/env/bin/python {{ patchwork_dir }}/patchwork/bin/
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