Commit ceea8ba8 authored by Evangelos Foutras's avatar Evangelos Foutras 🐱
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Merge branch 'syncarchive-drop-delay-updates-option' into 'master'

syncarchive: Drop --delay-updates; breaks incremental scan

See merge request archlinux/infrastructure!472
parents 86225110 9fd5d458
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ exec 9>"${lock}"
flock -n 9 || exit
rsync_cmd() {
local -a cmd=(rsync -rlptH --safe-links --delete-delay --delay-updates
local -a cmd=(rsync -rlptH --safe-links --delete-delay
"--timeout=600" "--contimeout=60" --no-motd)
if stty &>/dev/null; then
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