Verified Commit d2015f43 authored by Kristian Klausen's avatar Kristian Klausen 🎉
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common: Remove old "remove old checkservices" task

It was removed in:
d9fdafb0 ("Use archlinux-contrib over git submodule")
c380c429 ("Remove old task to symlink checkservices to /usr/local/bin")
parent 1f2203c4
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......@@ -135,9 +135,6 @@
- name: install pacman-contrib,archlinux-contrib
pacman: name=pacman-contrib,archlinux-contrib state=installed
- name: remove old checkservices copied script (from submodule; archlinux-contrib provides /usr/bin/checkservices)
file: path=/usr/local/bin/checkservices state=absent
- name: install custom paccache.service
copy: src=paccache.service dest=/etc/systemd/system/paccache.service owner=root group=root mode=0644
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