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tasks: skip reboot if /backup mountpoint exists

Service facts did not provide enough information about the state of
the borg-backup{,-offsite} services. While runnning, their state is
reported as stopped by service_facts and "activating" by systemctl.
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......@@ -27,14 +27,13 @@
- name: check for active borg backup jobs
- name: get service facts
- name: check if /backup exists
stat: path=/backup
register: backup_mountdir
- name: abort reboot when borg backup is running
meta: end_host
when: >["borg-backup.service"]["state"] == "running" or["borg-backup-offsite.service"]["state"] == "running"
when: backup_mountdir.stat.exists
when: "'borg_clients' in group_names"
- name: gemini pre-reboot checks
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