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Changes to rc.conf

The VERBOSE parameter no longer has an effect, use the kernel's loglevel= parameter instead. Most people probably wants to pass 'quiet' to the kernel.
Alternatively, a new init hook could be added to /etc/rc.d/functions.d/dmesg:

sysinit_start () {
        dmesg -n 3

If HARDWARECLOCK is empty we will read the value of UTC/LOCAL from hwclock's adjfile instead. To avoid
interacting with the hardwareclock set HARDWARECLOCK="IGNORE" (this should never be needed, and might be removed in the future).

We now support (optionally) setting the broadcast address in the new network config.

Behavioral changes

We no longer silence errors thrown by udev. In particular, if udevadm --settle times out, we get an error message.

We no longer adjust the rtc on boot, as it is unreliable, we only make corrections for the timezone.

We no longer mount /run as noexec.

Misc changes

Cleaning up of /tmp and friends is now done by an external tool. This tool is intended to allow pac
kages to maintain {/var,}/run{/lock,} in the absense of rc scripts.

General refactoring which should make maintenance and writing custom hooks easier.

Revert the NEED_ROOT functionality. It is now off by default, and has to be enabled by the rc scripts that wants to force root.