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En route towards an Arch package

Emil Velikov requested to merge xexaxo/keyringctl:en-route-to-archpkg into main

Greetings team,

Here's a MR building on the idea of having the tooling split from the keyring itself. In here we have, somewhat of a wild mix:

  • mention correct package name in the readme
  • fix the whitespace issues mentioned by black
  • minor cleanup of the git_changed_files() and system() implementations
    • inspired by having a config file, for the keyring layout aka #1
  • drop the explicit libkeyringctl from the imports - or the system (installed) module will be picked over the local one
  • move the code git mv libkeyringctl src/ && tests fixups so the in-tree module is used

Ultimately this gets us from python -m build/install producing broken mess, to actually having the installed module working as expected. As a demonstration vehicle I've uploaded an AUR package

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