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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • Perfect task for new contributors
  • hinthelp-wanted
    Arch Linux
    Help would be highly appreciated
  • priority1-urgent
    Arch Linux
    Urgent priority
  • priority2-high
    Arch Linux
    High priority
  • priority3-normal
    Arch Linux
    Medium priority
  • priority4-low
    Arch Linux
    Low priority
  • Can't reproduce
  • resolutioncompleted
    Arch Linux
  • resolutionduplicate
    Arch Linux
    Duplicate of another issue
  • resolutioninvalid
    Arch Linux
    Invalid report/request
  • resolutionnot-a-bug
    Arch Linux
    This is not a bug
  • resolutionupstream
    Arch Linux
    Upstream issue
  • resolutionwont-fix
    Arch Linux
    Won't fix or implement
  • scopebug
    Arch Linux
    Nasty little bug 🐛
  • scopedocumentation
    Arch Linux
    Documentation 📄
  • scopeenhancement
    Arch Linux
    General enhancement
  • scopefeature
    Arch Linux
    Feature request
  • scopequestion
    Arch Linux
    General question
  • scoperegression
    Arch Linux
  • Increase reproducibility of software 🔁