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Improvments to UKI building

Markus Weippert requested to merge gekmihesg/mkinitcpio:uki-improvements into master
  • Cleans up the section assembly for unified kernel images
  • Adopts !233 (merged) while fixing an unnecessary gap in edge cases, fixes #171 (closed)
  • Adds .uname section
  • Adds IMAGE_ID and IMAGE_VERSION to the .osrel section when built from a preset and neither value exists in os-release. VERSION_ID is always added as the kernel version if not in os-release.

The last point was also discussed in !83 (closed). To me it feels like the naming should be based on the preset and not on the kernel version, which belongs to the .uname section instead. But I'm willing to discuss this and/or drop the last commit completely from this request.

The systemd-boot menu looks like this with this patch:

Arch Linux (linux)
Arch Linux (linux-fallback)
Arch Linux (linux-lts)
Arch Linux (linux-lts-fallback)

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