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install/autodetect: steamdeck inspired fixes

Emil Velikov requested to merge xexaxo/mkinitcpio:modprobe-fixes into master

While porting the SteamDeck from dracut to mkinitcpio, we noticed that the nvme driver was missing although didn't think much of it at first.

Last night a colleague of mine, mentioned of a similar issue on their work machine... So I decided to take a proper look once and for all.

  • install/autodetect: pass the kernel version to modprobe
  • install/autodetect: move auto_modules() where it's used
  • install/autodetect: use sed for MODALIAS processing
  • install/autodetect: deduplicate the detected modules list
  • install/autodetect: match on both MODALIAS and DRIVER

In practical sense all the changes are a no-brainer fixes, maybe apart from moving auto_modules(). If people feel strongly against it I can drop and respin although it'll be amazing if that also lands - something about reduced scope, greater legibility and being self contained.

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