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install/block: update unconditionally included module list

nl6720 requested to merge nl6720/mkinitcpio:update-block into master
  • Remove sr_mod since optical disc drives are not very common anymore.
  • FireWire is dead, so there is no need to always include firewire-sbp2.
  • Add uas since the initramfs could be generated while a drive is connected to a controller that does not support UASP, but later used on one that does.
  • Add virtio_scsi so that both virtio based block device modules are included.
  • Add ahci and nvme, nearly every hardware made in the past 5 years has one or both.

This only changes the unconditionally included modules when using the autodetect hook. If any of the mentioned modules are in use when generating the initramfs, whey will be included.

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