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mkinitcpio: make UKI generation more quiet

nl6720 requested to merge nl6720/mkinitcpio:build_uki-quiet into master

mkinitcpio: do not show a temporary initcpio image file name

If a preset doesn't have any *_image variables, but only *_uki, the initramfs image will generated to a temporary directory before being packed in a UKI. There is no use in showing this temporary file name, so let's just omit it from output unless verbose output is explicitly requested.

Additionally change the ambiguous "Image generation successful/FAILED" messages to more clearer "Initcpio image generation successful/FAILED".

Fixes #189 (closed)

mkinitcpio: make UKI generation more quiet

Use quiet instead of msg2 to print unimportant details of the UKI build process.

Fixes #190 (closed)

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