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Ensure initramfs is rebuilt whenever modules and firmwares are removed

Onur Ankut requested to merge onurmercury/mkinitcpio:mr1 into master

mkinitcpio can rebuild the initramfs automatically when installed/upgraded packages make changes to certain module/firmware paths. However, this is not the case when the user decides to remove those packages which can result in initramfs images containing unwanted software.

I noticed that some AUR packages attempt to maintain their own hooks for initramfs regeneration, but they often fail at this because these hooks are outdated (like not following changes introduced with this MR, which makes custom install hook obselete) and are mainly designed for mkinitcpio in mind, not other initramfs generators like dracut.

I'm currently using a package that automates kernel-install process for mkinitcpio, which addresses this issue and I wanted to open a similar MR to address this quirk.

Related issue: #200

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