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test: add test/fixtures/arm-zimage/*.bin

This MR is on top of !328 (merged)

This adds binary testcases that were split off from !328 (merged)

Copying some points from !328 (merged):

  • I did commit binary test files, which given the recent XZ business is a little suspicious. I did link to the script I used to generate them, and it should be easy-enough to verify their contents given the description in the test/fixtures/arm-zimage/
  • I thought about checking in image.bin.{gz,lz4,lzma,lzo,xz} and individual few-byte header/table/got files, and having a shell script reconstruct these. But that seemed like extra work I didn't want to do, and for marginal benefit
  • I don't necessarily care about v4.15 or v4.17 specifically, but just wanted to just get a range of versions to see how fragile the code is. The v4.15 kernels have the lowest input_data_addr (and the v6.8 kernels the highest). And v4.17 was the first version I found with a differently-ordered GOT; which is definitely a change that could happen again in the future with a new kernel or compiler version.

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