mkinitcpio v33


        * Development has moved to the Arch Linux GitLab instance. The new
          URL is

        Changes in mkinitcpio:

        * Introduce DECOMPRESS_MODULES in mkinitcpio.conf. Allows the user to
          toggle if modules should be recompressed during initramfs creation or
          not. Defaults to "yes".

        * Support UKI generation on AArch64.

        * Introduce a new --remove switch which allows mkinitcpio to remove all
          mkinitcpio generated files. Only works together
          with the -p/-P switches currently.

        * In the initramfs the file /etc/os-release, symlinked to
          /etc/initrd-release, is now included. systemd enabled initramfs
          environments might need this file.

        * Supports finding kernel version in gzipped non-x86 kernels.

        * Try to properly resolve symlinks when adding files into the initramfs.

        Changes in hooks:

        * install/fsck now includes the e2fsck binary and symlinks fsck.ext*
          utilities to this binary.

        * install/fsck will no longer attempt to include nonexistent fsck

        * install/kms will attempt to include modules that implement the privacy
          screen feature. Currently the module names are hardcoded.

        Changes in packaging:

        * mkinitcpio-remove and mkinitcpio-install are now unified into a single
          script installed to 'libalpm/scripts/mkinitcpio'.

        Contributions from: 0x7F, Felix Yan, Hugo Osvaldo Barrera,
        Morten Linderud, nl6720, rogueai, Simon Brüggen, Tobias Powalowski

        – 2022-11-20