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Add man page for wifi-menu(1)

Written mostly by GitHub user tetrakist.
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# Makefile for netctl documentation
MANPAGES = netctl.1 netctl-auto.1 netctl.profile.5 netctl.special.7
MANPAGES = netctl.1 netctl-auto.1 netctl.profile.5 netctl.special.7 wifi-menu.1
.PHONY: manpages install $(MANPAGES:=-install) clean
wifi-menu - Interactively connect to a wireless network
*wifi-menu* [-o | --obscure] [+INTERFACE+]
*wifi-menu* [-h | --help]
*wifi-menu* allows to interactively connect to a wireless network on
+INTERFACE+ using a netctl profile. In case no netctl profile is
available, one can be generated. If only one wireless interface is
available, +INTERFACE+ can be omitted.
*wifi-menu* is only able to generate netctl profiles for simple network
configurations. Profiles for more complex configurations must be set up
manually. See *netctl.profile*(5) for more information.
+-h+, +--help+::
Print a short help text and exit.
+-o+, +--obscure+::
Show asterisks for the characters of the password and store the password
as a hexadecimal pre-shared key.
The wireless network interface to use for connecting.
The interface connected to the wireless network successfully.
The connection attempt was canceled.
The connection attempt failed.
No wireless networks were found.
Invalid passphrase length (+WEP+ keys must be between 8 and 63
characters in length).
An unexpected error code was received.
The command was invalid or the connection attempt was aborted.
Establishing a connection may take a minute. While establishing a
connection, nothing is shown on screen.
Starting a connection on an interface that is controlled by
*netctl-auto* will cause *wifi-menu* to switch to the selected network.
The interface will continue to be controlled by *netctl-auto*.
If set to +"yes"+, debugging output is generated.
Directory where generated profiles are stored.
*netctl*(1), *netctl-auto*(1)
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