Commit 83525a5f authored by Jouke Witteveen's avatar Jouke Witteveen
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Improve active interface finding in netctl-auto

parent 1d95b20b
......@@ -28,9 +28,10 @@ END
## Print a list of interfaces for which netctl-auto is active
list_netctl_auto_interfaces() {
systemctl --full --no-legend --no-pager \
--type=service --state=running list-units | \
sed -nr 's/^netctl-auto@([[:alnum:]]+).*/\1/p'
systemctl --full --no-legend --no-pager --plain --state=running \
list-units 'netctl-auto@*.service' | while read -r name _; do
systemd-escape --unescape --instance "$name"
## List all profiles available to the WPA supplicant
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