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Add patch to fix Chromium blurriness in KDE Wayland session

Volodymyr requested to merge zvova7890/chromium:blurryfix into main

I would like to add this patch to the Arch Chromium build until it is upstreamed or another solution is provided.

The main issue is that Chromium under KDE Wayland session is blurry when using some fractional scales. While Wayland is becoming the default session, this is very painful to use a blurred browser. For a long time, I've built Chromium myself, but it is not a short process.

I believe many users will find this patch useful. It is affecting only KDE5/6 session; others will stay untouched, because, for example, GNOME is fine with that. It is another big question "why," because this is not how fractional scale protocol should work, but this is another story.

Please consider to include this patch to the official ArchLinux Chromium build!

Thank you!

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