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feat: bump package to version 0.32.3

Brenno Lemos requested to merge brenno/hyprland:main into main

About this PR

This PR upgrades the package to version 0.32.3. Changes were made to the build step in order to accomodate for the refactoring of the make-cmake-meson trio made in version 0.31.0, it reads:

Breaking changes

  • Some makefile stuff has been changed/removed, see the notes for packagers.

Notes for packagers

  • notably, make config, make pluginenv and make fixwlr have been nuked.
  • almost the entire makefile pipeline has been moved into CMake itself.
  • Building is done via make all (or make release, make debug)
  • Installing is done via sudo make install. Please note this will not compile Hyprland at all, and only install built files.

As the release note implies, the make rule fixwlr has been removed. The patching of wlroots is now a step in Hyprland's build system directly and was introduced in hyprwm/Hyprland#3564. More specifically, the CMakeLists.txt has seen the following additions:

    PREFIX ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/subprojects/wlroots
    SOURCE_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/subprojects/wlroots
    PATCH_COMMAND sed -E -i -e "s/(soversion = 12)([^032]|$$)/soversion = 12032/g"
    CONFIGURE_COMMAND meson setup build --buildtype=${BUILDTYPE_LOWER} -Dwerror=false -Dexamples=false -Drenderers=gles2 $<IF:$<BOOL:${WITH_ASAN}>,-Db_sanitize=address,-Db_sanitize=none> && meson setup build --buildtype=${BUILDTYPE_LOWER} -Dwerror=false -Dexamples=false -Drenderers=gles2 $<IF:$<BOOL:${WITH_ASAN}>,-Db_sanitize=address,-Db_sanitize=none> --reconfigure
    BUILD_COMMAND ninja -C build
    BUILD_BYPRODUCTS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/subprojects/wlroots/build/
    INSTALL_COMMAND echo "wlroots: install not needed"

The same PR also included hyprctl in CMakeLists.txt:

# hyprctl

As for udis86 and protocols, they've been part of CMakeLists.txt since hyprwm/Hyprland#1590 (Feb 27) and hyprwm/Hyprland#2087 (Apr 26), respectively, so I've taken liberty of removing the explicit building of these projects.

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