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Draft: Proposal: Rework to build from source

Fabian Bornschein requested to merge fabiscafe/inter-font:source_build into main

Hi. I just saw that the current package repacks the zip. I think it would be better if we would build from source. I also thought about if we could have an 'OpenType Font'-variant, as these are often more flexible, and more usable for print/design workloads.

This is my proposal for the change. It's probably not usable as MR, because the pkgbase changes.


Essentially it create 2 conflicting packages. One as ttf variant and another one as otf. they conflict each other, because both of them include InterVariable.ttf and InterVariable-Italic.ttf (they are .ttf in both cases).

In theory it's possible to have the ttf and otf variants installed at the same package. This however would result in duplicates of the same font in font choosers without any information what font variant it is. I do consider this as a bad solution. So the split is a QOL "feature".

Both packages provide inter-font, as they are interchangeable. They also conflict and replace inter-font to make an upgrade possible.

Size File
5,5M inter-font-otf-4.0-1-any.pkg.tar.zst
3,5M inter-font-ttf-4.0-1-any.pkg.tar.zst


For the build process itself - I keep using the makefile. This creates a venv and installs the dependencies via pip. I don't want to replace this to make the build use our native system packages as upstream tests against the venv and we might hit bugs upstream don't wants to work on. I however replace the usage of pipenv==2023.8.28 with our in-repo version. That shouldn't change anything inside the venv.

Everything else should explain itself. 😄

I don't want to force this onto you and I'm very OK with a "not interested" 😆

What do you think?

updpkg: 4.0-1
* Build from source (git)
* Use system python-pipenv (while still keep using the non-sys venv to
* Create 2 variants: otf and ttf
* Update url
* Run check()
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