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Improve description, include post-release commits

xiota requested to merge xiota/midori:pr_update into main
  • Description updated to mention this is the classic WebKit variant. Later variants are based on Electron and Floorp. Closes #1 (closed)

  • License string updated to LGPL-2.1-or-later, matching core/data/

  • Commit changed to 9.0r7, matching the snap package. There are a couple bug fixes and improvements in the post-release commits.

  • Maintainer/contributor list updated to reflect current status.

  • package() and build() functions modernized.

  • Implicit depends not added because continued management would require an active maintainer.

    • cairo, gdk-pixbuf2, glib2, glibc, gtk3, hicolor-icon-theme, json-glib, libsoup, sqlite

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