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Rename to `signal.desktop` to match Wayland app_id

Matthias Kurz requested to merge mkurz/signal-desktop:signal.desktop into main

Look at Set StartupWMClass to signal (!2 - merged) - the Wayland app_id is signal

[2279573.114]  -> xdg_toplevel@40.set_app_id("signal")

The thing is, to make things work correctly in native Wayland, the app_id and the desktop file name have to match (and also StartupWMClass wich was fixed already in the referenced merge request).

If the app_id and the desktop file name do not match, the title bar icon is not shown correctly when running signal under wayland natively (because the icon is read from the desktop file). Here is a screenshot so you know what I am talking about:

You can test this if you run signal under KDE / Plasma in a wayland session natively:

signal-desktop --ozone-platform-hint=wayland

The icon is broken. If you rename the desktop file, the icon works.

You want more details? See my comments in signal-desktop-beta aur (which suffers from the same problem):

Also even the official signal deb packages are broken in this regard, see

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