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Add xdg-desktop-portal-impl as optdepend

Whyme Lyu requested to merge 5long/steam:xdg-desktop-portal into main

Fix #12 and #16.

I was thinking about adding xdg-desktop-portal to depends like all the other packages did (e.g. flatpak, ). Then I realized that it's still not a solid idea:

  • The Steam client works fine without a usable file picker so it's not a hard dependency
  • Adding xdg-desktop-portal to depends wouldn't really notify the user that "a file-picker backend is needed."
  • Another way to remind the user to setup a file-picker backend is printing messages in postinstall which I believe could work but I'm not sure yet: the postinstall message wouldn't show up in pacman -Qi steam which is how I begin to debug any packaging issue.

At this point I might as well create this patch to see how it goes.

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