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    Add methods for reading and streaming JSON files · 3103d0f7
    David Runge authored
    Add `_json_files_in_directory()` yield a list of files with a .json
    suffix in a directory.
    Add `_read_pkgbase_json_file()` to read a JSON file representing a
    pkgbase and return an `OutputPackageBase` model.
    Add `_write_db_file()` to open a tar file for writing.
    Add `_stream_package_base_to_db()` to stream a `models.OutputPackage()`
    to a tar file (which represents a .db or a .files repository database).
    Add tests for `_json_files_in_directory()`, `_read_pkgbase_json_file()`,
    `_write_db_file()` and `_stream_package_base_to_db()`.