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Using RFCs

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RFC: Using RFCs

This is a first RFC to explain and bootstrap an RFC process.

Details about the RFC itself can be found in the file below the rfcs/ directory.

A more detailed description about the process can be found in the README document.

Additionally, there is an RFC template in the rfcs/ directory (as template for upcoming merge requests - i.e. a new RFC) and an issue template in the .gitlab/issue_templates/ directory (as issue template to discuss RFC ideas).

Please review all files and make note of any unclear wording or process steps.

NOTE: For a better reading experience, it is easiest to browse the branch, this merge request is created from.


The following steps are necessary to allow the new process to potentially be established. They are specific to this RFC only and are here as a reminder/note.

  • Announce and start final discussion round for approval on arch-dev-public
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