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    Use restrict key option and relative borg command · 3561a383
    Evangelos Foutras authored
    No functional change; the "restrict" key option is a shorthand for:
    - no-agent-forwarding
    - no-port-forwarding
    - no-X11-forwarding
    - no-pty
    - no-user-rc
    It was added in OpenSSH 7.2 (2016-02-29) as a convenient way to specify
    an authorized key should have "all current and future key restrictions"
    applied to it.
    Also switch to a relative borg command since its location is not really
    standardized; on it appears to be located under usr/local/bin
    (though /usr/bin/borg works too, even if it doesn't exist!) and Hetzner
    just forces its own command, ignoring ours. 🐱
    The Borg documentation seems to agree with both the above alterations: