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    Extend onboarding by more explicit information · dcdda0cc
    David Runge authored
    Make the required information in the Details section more explicit and
    add entries that are relevant when creating an SSO and/or archweb
    Add a note for sponsors of new users, so that they also add a
    clearsigned version of the data they provide.
    Add a dot at the end of each sentence.
    Make the entries for mailing list operations more generic and rely on
    the *communication e-mail address*, which may be the user's personal
    mail address or a newly created mail address.
    Add warning message about creating a confidential ticket when providing
    personal data.
    Add checkbox to remind about the removal of personal information,
    removal of description history and setting the ticket to be
    non-confidential (if it has been confidential due to personal data).