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    port over base HTML layout from PHP to FastAPI+Jinja2 · 2df90ce2
    Kevin Morris authored
    + Mounted static files (at web/html) to /static.
    + Added AURWEB_VERSION to aurweb.config (this is used around HTML
      to refer back to aurweb's release on, so we
      need it easily accessible in the Python codebase.
    + Implemented basic Jinja2 partials to put together whole aurweb
      pages. This may be missing some things currently and is a WIP
      until this set is ready to be merged.
    + Added config [options] aurwebdir = YOUR_AUR_ROOT; this configuration
      option should specify the root directory of the aurweb project.
      It is used by various parts of the FastAPI codebase to target
      project directories.
    Added routes via aurweb.routers.html:
        * POST /language: Set your session language.
        * GET /favicon.ico: Redirect to /static/images/favicon.ico.
            * Some browsers always look for $ROOT/favicon.ico to get an icon
              for the page being loaded, regardless of a specified "shortcut
              icon" given in a <link> directive.
        * GET /: Home page; WIP.
    * Updated aurweb.routers.html.language passes query parameters to
      its next redirection.
    When calling aurweb.templates.render_template, the context passed should
    be formed via the aurweb.templates.make_context. See
    aurweb.routers.html.index for an example of this.
    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>