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    Misc fixes (#84) · f3e26eb1
    Jelle van der Waa authored
    * Update coveragerc to exclude newly located tests
    There are now tests under main/tests/* etc, which should be omitted for
    * omit settings from coverage
    settings and local_settings aren't interesting for coverage, omit them.
    * remove leftover secure context processor
    The secure context processor was used to determine if the cdn served
    assets should be loaded over https or http. Since assets are no longer
    served with a cdn and the whole site is loaded over https these days,
    this code is dead and can be removed.
    * packages: Add test for flagging packages out of date
    Add simple test cases for flagging packages out of date, should later be
    improved to query the Package model for packages and use that data
    instead of hardcoding.