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    Add provisional support for package bases · b7941073
    Lukas Fleischer authored
    This adds a PackageBases table to the database schema and moves the
    following fields from the Packages table to PackageBases:
    * CategoryID
    * NumVotes
    * OutOfDateTS
    * SubmittedTS
    * ModifiedTS
    * SubmitterUID
    * MaintainerUID
    It also fixes all database accesses to comply with the new layout.
    Having a separate PackageBases table is the first step to split package
    support. By now, we create one PackageBases entry per package (where the
    package base has the same name as the corresponding package). When
    adding full support for split packages later, the package base name will
    be derived from the pkgbase variable and a single package base will be
    shared amongst all packages built from one source package.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <archlinux@cryptocrack.de>