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- [ ] I have summed up the feature in concise words in the [Summary](#summary) section.
- [ ] I have completely described the feature in the [Description](#description) section.
- [ ] I have completed the [Blockers](#blockers) section.
### Summary
Fill this section out with a concise wording about the feature being
Example: _A new `Tyrant` account type for users_.
### Description
Describe your feature in full detail.
Example: _The `Tyrant` account type should be used to allow a user to be
tyrannical. When a user is a `Tyrant`, they should be able to assassinate
users due to not complying with their laws. Laws can be configured by updating
the Tyrant laws page at{username}/laws.
More specifics about laws._
### Blockers
Include any blockers in a list. If there are no blockers, this section
should be omitted from the issue.
- [Feature] Do not allow users to be Tyrants
- \<(issue|merge_request)_link\>
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