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  • v6.0.14
    0bfecb98 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.14 ·
    Release v6.0.14 - Bugfixes
    - 040c9bc3: send up to date flag notifications
    - 36116309: /packages search ordering links
    - e3864d4b: set RequestTS when autogenerating requests
    - 0bfecb98: bump to v6.0.14
  • v6.0.13
    640630fa · upgrade: bump to v6.0.13 ·
    Release v6.0.13 - Bugfixes
    - 16718689: links to cgit should be url encoded
    - 640630fa: bump to v6.0.13
  • v6.0.12
    93275949 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.12 ·
    Release v6.0.12 - Bugfixes
    - 708ade4d: allow co-maintainers to [un]pin comments on a package
    - 29061c00: pkgbase -> package redirection
    - 93275949: bump to v6.0.12
  • v6.0.11
    35e7486e · upgrade: bump to v6.0.11 ·
    Release v6.0.11 - Hot-patch
    - a2e99311: correct typo in
    - 50b726d7: send notifications when users submit comments
    - bd13d690: add explanation of aurweb vs user packages in
    - 35e7486e: bump to v6.0.11
  • v6.0.10
    41a6e974 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.10 ·
    Release v6.0.10
    - 3f95ac7d: correct redirects for package actions & requests
    - 86caee74: (rpc) use max_rpc_results for type=multiinfo result limit
    - 3af66caf: (rpc) restore "Too Many Package Results" error
    - e2eb3a7d: restore missing typeahead js on authenticated dashboard
    - 0c20e405: (git-cliff) remove space in "bug fixes"
    - 7485cc23: report unhandled tracebacks to a repository
    - f928a49c: (rpc) Request Types -> Request Methods & reword description
    - e80891f2: cleanup extra space in
    - 41a6e974: bump to v6.0.10
  • v6.0.9
    c883c710 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.9 ·
    Release v6.0.9 - 2022-02-08
    bug fixes:
    - b119db25: feat(archives): add .sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir
    - 4ae72af4: address missing coverage from previous changes
    - 477e814c: set git-cliff's output format to asciidoc style
    - a21c48af: format git-cliff commit hashes a bit better
    - 310484a8: display git-cliff's commit scope
    - bf0623d8: (git-cliff) include a header for untagged cliffs
    - 2cb53411: remove comaintainers when fulfilling orphan request
    - d79d7bdd: update issues url to gitlab
    - acc88858: revert changes from *.po
    - 40a0e866: (archives) add {archive}.sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir
    - c883c710: bump to v6.0.9
  • v6.0.8
    95bbdfc3 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.8 ·
    Release v6.0.8 - Bugfixes
    - fix: handling of user registration HideEmail
    - fix: send out a FlagNotification when a package is flagged
    - feat: add timezone to datetime display across the board
    - fix: remove /packages search count limit
    - fix: RSS aurlogo.png url
    - fix: /packages search by keywords
    - feat(rpc): support POST method
    - fix: restore URL field in mkpkglists meta archives
    - fix: OutOfDateTS db fetch for pkgbase action display
    - fix: M/c search with multiple keywords
    - fix: TUVote inner join TUVoteInfo for "Last Votes by TU" listing
    - fix: support multiple SSHPubKey records per user
  • v6.0.7
    d5a1c164 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.7 ·
    Release v6.0.7 - Bugfixes
    - Hide Email Address checkbox markup
    - eradicate spaces from pgp key fingerprint input
    - allow users to login using their email
    - /packages search by co-maintainer
    - rpc doc should not have v=6 information
    - Maintainer's comaintainer annotation display
    - depend on OutOfDateTS for flag state
    - Maintainer, Co-maintainer /package search
  • v6.0.6
    3cb106bc · upgrade: bump to v6.0.6 ·
    Release v6.0.6 - Bugfixes
    - participation display generation should check voteinfo.ActiveTUs
    - tu last votes listing vote id
    - link to user account in last votes by tu listing
    - rpc: remove trailing slash redirection
    - temporarily support /rpc.php/?
    - remove erroneous official pkg check
    - prioritize local db record in pkgname_link
  • v6.0.5
    164037da · upgrade: bump to v6.0.5 ·
    Release v6.0.5 - Bugfixes
    - require passreset's target user is unsuspended
    - dashboard's My Packages should not have comaintained packages
    - only display registration time when RegistrationTS is valid
        - Some accounts do not have a RegistrationTS for historical
          reasons. This was causing an exception to be raised on
          accounts without one.
  • v6.0.4
    ef0285bc · upgrade: bump to v6.0.4 ·
    Release v6.0.4
    - add lint job (stage: .pre)
    - support language direction switching
    - Add missing immutable config flag to Compose file
    - poetry: lock email-validator to 1.1.3, update the rest
    - don't check email deliverability when verifying input
    This body is a repeat of v6.0.3's content. A mistake was made
    when producing v6.0.3, so we're bumping to v6.0.4 to resolve
    it (apologies).
  • v6.0.3
    Release v6.0.3
    - add lint job (stage: .pre)
    - support language direction switching
    - Add missing immutable config flag to Compose file
    - poetry: lock email-validator to 1.1.3, update the rest
    - don't check email deliverability when verifying input
  • v6.0.2
    01a0c286 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.2 ·
    Release v6.0.2 - Bugfixes
    - show comaintained packages which have been flagged
    - include comaintainers in Maintainer field
    - Maintainer field does not require auth
  • v6.0.1
    8c665d16 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.1 ·
    Release v6.0.1 - Bugfixes
    - update version git log link to gitlab
    - remove trailing slash from package search form action
  • v6.0.0
    d7c19ee6 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.0 ·
    Release v6.0.0 - Python
    This documents UX and functional changes for the v6.0.0 aurweb release.
    Following this release, we'll be working on a few very nice features
    noted at the end of this article in Upcoming Work.
    This v6.0.0 release makes the long-awaited Python port official.
    Along with the development of the python port, we have modified a
    number of features. There have been some integral changes to how
    package requests are dealt with, so _Trusted Users_ should read
    the entirety of this document.
    There are a few terms which I'd like to define to increase
    understanding of these changes as they are listed:
    - _self_
        - Refers to a user viewing or doing something regarding their own account
    - _/pkgbase/{name}/{action}_
        - Refers to a POST action which can be triggered via the relevent package
          page at `/{pkgbase,packages}/{name}`.
    Grouped changes explained in multiple items will always be prefixed with
    the same letter surrounded by braces. Example:
    - [A] Some feature that does something
    - [A] The same feature where another thing has changed
    - Python packaging is now done with poetry.
    - SQLite support has been removed. This was done because even though
      SQLAlchemy is an ORM, SQLite has quite a few SQL-server-like features
      missing both out of the box and integrally which force us to account
      for the different database types. We now only support mysql, and should
      be able to support postgresql without much effort in the future.
      Note: Users wishing to easily spin up a database quickly can use
      `docker-compose up -d mariadb` for a Docker-hosted mariadb service.
    - An example systemd service has been included at `examples/aurweb.service`.
    - Example wrappers to `aurweb-git-(auth|serve|update)` have been included
      at `examples/aurweb-git-(auth|serve|update).sh` and should be used to
      call these scripts when aurweb is installed into a poetry virtualenv.
    - Pagers have all been modified. They still serve the same purpose, but
      they have slightly different display.
    - Some markup and methods around the website has been changed for
      post requests, and some forms have been completely reworked.
    Package Requests
    - Normal users can now view and close their own requests
    - [A] Requests can no longer be accepted through manual closures
    - [A] Requests are now closed via their relevent actions
        - Deletion
            - Through `/packages` bulk delete action
            - Through `/pkgbase/{name}/delete`
        - Merge
            - Through `/pkgbase/{name}/merge`
        - Orphan
            - Through `/packages` bulk disown action
            - Through `/pkgbase/{name}/disown`
    - Deletion and merge requests (and their closures) are now autogenerated
      if no pre-existing request exists. This was done to increase tracking of
      package modifications performed by those with access to do so (TUs).
    - Deletion, merge and orphan request actions now close all (1 or more)
      requests pertaining to the action performed. This comes with the downside
      of multiple notifications sent out about a closure if more than one
      request (or no request) exists for them
    - Merge actions now automatically reject other pre-existing merge requests
      with a mismatched `MergeBaseName` column when a merge action is performed
    - The last `/requests` page no longer goes nowhere
    Package Bulk Actions: /packages
    - The `Merge into` field has been removed. Merges now require being
      performed via the `/pkgbase/{name}/merge` action.
    Package View
    - Some cached metadata is no longer cached (pkginfo). Previously,
      this was defaulted to a one day cache for some package information.
      If we need to bring this back, we can.
    TU Proposals
    - A valid username is now required for any addition or removal of a TU.
    - `type=get-comment-form` has been removed and is now located at
    - Support for versions 1-4 have been removed.
    - JSON key ordering is different than PHP's JSON.
    - `type=search` performance is overall slightly worse than PHP's. This
      should not heavily affect users, as a 3,000 record query is returned
      in roughly 0.20ms from a local standpoint. We will be working on this
      in aim to push it over PHP.
    - Added metadata archive `packages-meta-v1.json.gz`.
    - Added metadata archive `packages-meta-ext-v1.json.gz`.
        - Enable this by passing `--extended` to `aurweb-mkpkglists`.
    Performance Changes
    As is expected from a complete rewrite of the website, performance
    has changed across the board. In most places, Python's implementation
    now performs better than the pre-existing PHP implementation, with the
    exception of a few routes. Notably:
    - `/` loads much quicker as it is now persistently cached forcibly
      for five minutes at a time.
    - `/packages` search is much quicker.
    - `/packages/{name}` view is slightly slower; we are no longer caching
      various pieces of package info for `cache_pkginfo_ttl`, which is
      defaulted to 86400 seconds, or one day.
    - Request actions are slower due to the removal of the `via` parameter.
      We now query the database for requests related to the action based on
      the current state of the DB.
    - `/rpc?type=info` queries are slightly quicker.
    - `/rpc?type=search` queries of low result counts are quicker.
    - `/rpc?type=search` queries of large result counts (> 2500) are slower.
        - We are not satisfied with this. We'll be working on pushing this
          over the edge along with the rest of the DB-intensive routes.
          However, the speed degredation is quite negligible for users'
          experience: 0.12ms PHP vs 0.15ms Python on a 3,000 record query
          on my local 4-core 8-thread system.
    Upcoming Work
    This release is the first major release of the Python implementation.
    We have multiple tasks up for work immediately, which will bring us
    a few more minor versions forward as they are completed.
    - Update request and tu vote pagers
    - Archive differentials
    - Archive mimetypes
    - (a) Git scripts to ORM conversion
    - (a) Sharness removal
    - Restriction of number of requests users can submit
  • v5.0.0
    853ed9a9 · Release 5.0.0 ·
    aurweb 5.0.0
  • v4.8.0
    c1e5ffb1 · Release 4.8.0 ·
    aurweb 4.8.0
  • v4.7.0
    2c037668 · Release 4.7.0 ·
    aurweb 4.7.0
  • v4.6.0
    0333d475 · Release 4.6.0 ·
    aurweb 4.6.0
  • v4.5.1
    a7606d0e · Release 4.5.1 ·
    aurweb 4.5.1