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      Add description of RFC process · 9a823092
      David Runge authored
      Add a description about what the RFC process means and how it works in
      the context of using Gitlab with merge requests to assign RFC numbers
      Provide examples for announcements and describe the workflow of how to
      propose, comment on and finalize an RFC.
      Add a section about who can file an RFC and under what circumstances
      outside contributors are able to file an RFC (only if at least one
      Developer or Trusted User supports the effort).
      Add a note for how to create a merge request (i.e. allowing commits from
      members who can merge to the target branch).
      Add note for users without access rights to the arch-dev-public mailing
      Add link to creation of a new ticket for the repository as a way of
      proposing an idea for an RFC.
      Add a note with link to the repository issues for current or previous
      ideas (in ticket form).
      Mention GitLab's approval feature as a means to approve of an RFC in the
      Final Comment Period.
      Add section about licensing the contributions under the terms of the
      CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.
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