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    Convert translation files to gettext compatible portable objects. · 758b7bf0
    Lukas Fleischer authored
    Put new gettext compatible files into "po/" while keeping old
    translations in "web/lang/".
    Conversion was done using following hacky shell script:
    for f in *.po; do
      # Remove "<?php" shebang and "global" statements.
      sed -i '1d; /^global/d' "$f"
      # Convert former translation strings into real PO statements.
      sed -i 's/^$_t\[\(.*\)\] = \(.*\);.*/msgid \1\nmsgstr \2/' "$f"
      # Ensure there always is an empty line after each msgstr.
      sed -i '/^msgstr/!b; n; /^$/!i\
    ' "$f"
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <>