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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v6.0.20
    c7c79a15 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.20 ·
    Release v6.0.20
    - 9204b761: not add to ActiveTUs when voting on a proposal
    - 9f452a62: fix link formatting in CONTRIBUTING
    - 7c363797: (docker) basic usage instructions
    - 27f30212: (docker) note ports and `curl` usage
    - d92f1838: (docker) explain how to generate dummy data
    - 1bb4daa3: merge CodingGuidelines into
    - c7c79a15: bump to v6.0.20
  • v6.0.19
    07e479ab · upgrade: bump to v6.0.19 ·
    Release v6.0.19 - Hot-patch
    - 51d4b7f9: (rpc) limit Package results, not relationships
    - 07e479ab: bump to v6.0.19
  • v6.0.18
    1e31db47 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.18 ·
    Release v6.0.18
    - 4a4fd015: blanking out particular fields when editing accounts
    - 80622cc9: suspend check should check Suspended...
    - c83c5cdc: log out details about PROMETHEUS_MULTIPROC_DIR
    - 1e31db47: bump to v6.0.18
  • v6.0.17
    388e64d0 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.17 ·
    Release v6.0.17 - Hot-patch
    - 7cc20cd9: suspended users should not be able to login
    - 388e64d0: bump to v6.0.17
  • v6.0.16
    e43e1c6d · upgrade: bump to v6.0.16 ·
    Release v6.0.16 - Bugfixes
    - 4e641d94: unset InactivityTS for users on login
    - 1d86b3e2: use a transaction for package query; remove refresh
    - 8387f325: resolve null VoteTS columns via migration
    - 14347232: treat all keywords as lowercase when updating
    - e43e1c6d: bump to v6.0.16
  • v6.0.15
    b2508e5b · upgrade: bump to v6.0.15 ·
    Release v6.0.15
    - dcaf4075: /packages search result count
    - bfd59229: display default package search parameter values in its form
    - b2508e5b: bump to v6.0.15
  • v6.0.14
    0bfecb98 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.14 ·
    Release v6.0.14 - Bugfixes
    - 040c9bc3: send up to date flag notifications
    - 36116309: /packages search ordering links
    - e3864d4b: set RequestTS when autogenerating requests
    - 0bfecb98: bump to v6.0.14
  • v6.0.13
    640630fa · upgrade: bump to v6.0.13 ·
    Release v6.0.13 - Bugfixes
    - 16718689: links to cgit should be url encoded
    - 640630fa: bump to v6.0.13
  • v6.0.12
    93275949 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.12 ·
    Release v6.0.12 - Bugfixes
    - 708ade4d: allow co-maintainers to [un]pin comments on a package
    - 29061c00: pkgbase -> package redirection
    - 93275949: bump to v6.0.12
  • v6.0.11
    35e7486e · upgrade: bump to v6.0.11 ·
    Release v6.0.11 - Hot-patch
    - a2e99311: correct typo in
    - 50b726d7: send notifications when users submit comments
    - bd13d690: add explanation of aurweb vs user packages in
    - 35e7486e: bump to v6.0.11
  • v6.0.10
    41a6e974 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.10 ·
    Release v6.0.10
    - 3f95ac7d: correct redirects for package actions & requests
    - 86caee74: (rpc) use max_rpc_results for type=multiinfo result limit
    - 3af66caf: (rpc) restore "Too Many Package Results" error
    - e2eb3a7d: restore missing typeahead js on authenticated dashboard
    - 0c20e405: (git-cliff) remove space in "bug fixes"
    - 7485cc23: report unhandled tracebacks to a repository
    - f928a49c: (rpc) Request Types -> Request Methods & reword description
    - e80891f2: cleanup extra space in
    - 41a6e974: bump to v6.0.10
  • v6.0.9
    c883c710 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.9 ·
    Release v6.0.9 - 2022-02-08
    bug fixes:
    - b119db25: feat(archives): add .sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir
    - 4ae72af4: address missing coverage from previous changes
    - 477e814c: set git-cliff's output format to asciidoc style
    - a21c48af: format git-cliff commit hashes a bit better
    - 310484a8: display git-cliff's commit scope
    - bf0623d8: (git-cliff) include a header for untagged cliffs
    - 2cb53411: remove comaintainers when fulfilling orphan request
    - d79d7bdd: update issues url to gitlab
    - acc88858: revert changes from *.po
    - 40a0e866: (archives) add {archive}.sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir
    - c883c710: bump to v6.0.9
  • v6.0.8
    95bbdfc3 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.8 ·
    Release v6.0.8 - Bugfixes
    - fix: handling of user registration HideEmail
    - fix: send out a FlagNotification when a package is flagged
    - feat: add timezone to datetime display across the board
    - fix: remove /packages search count limit
    - fix: RSS aurlogo.png url
    - fix: /packages search by keywords
    - feat(rpc): support POST method
    - fix: restore URL field in mkpkglists meta archives
    - fix: OutOfDateTS db fetch for pkgbase action display
    - fix: M/c search with multiple keywords
    - fix: TUVote inner join TUVoteInfo for "Last Votes by TU" listing
    - fix: support multiple SSHPubKey records per user
  • v6.0.7
    d5a1c164 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.7 ·
    Release v6.0.7 - Bugfixes
    - Hide Email Address checkbox markup
    - eradicate spaces from pgp key fingerprint input
    - allow users to login using their email
    - /packages search by co-maintainer
    - rpc doc should not have v=6 information
    - Maintainer's comaintainer annotation display
    - depend on OutOfDateTS for flag state
    - Maintainer, Co-maintainer /package search
  • v6.0.6
    3cb106bc · upgrade: bump to v6.0.6 ·
    Release v6.0.6 - Bugfixes
    - participation display generation should check voteinfo.ActiveTUs
    - tu last votes listing vote id
    - link to user account in last votes by tu listing
    - rpc: remove trailing slash redirection
    - temporarily support /rpc.php/?
    - remove erroneous official pkg check
    - prioritize local db record in pkgname_link
  • v6.0.5
    164037da · upgrade: bump to v6.0.5 ·
    Release v6.0.5 - Bugfixes
    - require passreset's target user is unsuspended
    - dashboard's My Packages should not have comaintained packages
    - only display registration time when RegistrationTS is valid
        - Some accounts do not have a RegistrationTS for historical
          reasons. This was causing an exception to be raised on
          accounts without one.
  • v6.0.4
    ef0285bc · upgrade: bump to v6.0.4 ·
    Release v6.0.4
    - add lint job (stage: .pre)
    - support language direction switching
    - Add missing immutable config flag to Compose file
    - poetry: lock email-validator to 1.1.3, update the rest
    - don't check email deliverability when verifying input
    This body is a repeat of v6.0.3's content. A mistake was made
    when producing v6.0.3, so we're bumping to v6.0.4 to resolve
    it (apologies).
  • v6.0.3
    Release v6.0.3
    - add lint job (stage: .pre)
    - support language direction switching
    - Add missing immutable config flag to Compose file
    - poetry: lock email-validator to 1.1.3, update the rest
    - don't check email deliverability when verifying input
  • v6.0.2
    01a0c286 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.2 ·
    Release v6.0.2 - Bugfixes
    - show comaintained packages which have been flagged
    - include comaintainers in Maintainer field
    - Maintainer field does not require auth
  • v6.0.1
    8c665d16 · upgrade: bump to v6.0.1 ·
    Release v6.0.1 - Bugfixes
    - update version git log link to gitlab
    - remove trailing slash from package search form action