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    mkarchiso: add version information · b30d1cad
    Christian Hesse authored
    To date the iso version was used for iso volume information and iso file name.
    In my custom builds I do use it a lot more:
    * Inside the root fs: The system knows about its own version. I use this to:
      -> report the version to a server (poor man's inventory)
      -> let the system update itself
    * On the iso fs: The files are served via rsync, running systems transfer
      version file first to check for available update.
    * A grub environment file on the iso fs: Booting the iso from grub allows
      to create cow directory per version:
        loopback loop archlinux.iso
        load_env -f (loop)/arch/grubenv
        linux (loop)/arch/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux ... \
            cow_directory=archlinux/${VERSION} ...
    So let's just create these files.