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    Implement parsing of the new SigLevel directive · b03b06cf
    Dan McGee authored
    Add code to conf.c that parses the new SigLevel directive. An
    overwhelming number of options are presented, but most users will still
    be fine with the Never/Optional/Required trio. More advanced users can
    combine these or any of the other options on a 'SigLevel = ' line, which
    is parsed in a left-to-right fashion and flags turned on and off
    accordingly. For example, all three of these will net the same config:
        SigLevel = Required PackageOptional
        SigLevel = Optional DatabaseRequired
        SigLevel = DatabaseRequired PackageOptional
    Additionally, database-specific lines assume you wish to start with any
    global default that has been set. For example, if any of the above lines
    were in the [options] section, something such as:
        SigLevel = PackageRequired PackageAllowMarginal
    Would continue to enforce required database signatures.
    Inspiration-by: default avatarKerrick Staley <mail@kerrickstaley.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <dan@archlinux.org>