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mkarchiso: use mkfs.erofs --quiet in quiet mode

erofs-utils 1.4 introduced a --quiet option.

Related to #148.
parent 8cfe2904
......@@ -213,16 +213,18 @@ _mkairootfs_squashfs() {
# Create an EROFS image containing the root file system and saves it on the ISO 9660 file system.
_mkairootfs_erofs() {
local fsuuid
local fsuuid mkfs_erofs_options=()
[[ -e "${pacstrap_dir}" ]] || _msg_error "The path '${pacstrap_dir}' does not exist" 1
install -d -m 0755 -- "${isofs_dir}/${install_dir}/${arch}"
local image_path="${isofs_dir}/${install_dir}/${arch}/airootfs.erofs"
rm -f -- "${image_path}"
[[ ! "${quiet}" == "y" ]] || mkfs_erofs_options+=('--quiet')
# Generate reproducible file system UUID from SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
fsuuid="$(uuidgen --sha1 --namespace 93a870ff-8565-4cf3-a67b-f47299271a96 --name "${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH}")"
mkfs_erofs_options+=('-U' "${fsuuid}" "${airootfs_image_tool_options[@]}")
_msg_info "Creating EROFS image, this may take some time..."
mkfs.erofs -U "${fsuuid}" "${airootfs_image_tool_options[@]}" -- "${image_path}" "${pacstrap_dir}"
mkfs.erofs "${mkfs_erofs_options[@]}" -- "${image_path}" "${pacstrap_dir}"
_msg_info "Done!"
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