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Network deployments

Anton Hvornum requested to merge net-deploy into master

Created by: Torxed

Rude changelog:

  • New feature: deployment structure can now import/include other templates (Included templates will be installed first, since we'll assume those are baselines/requirements for slimmer deploy-structs)
  • Deployment scripts strings now supports python string formatting, if parameter or is given as options to each command-line (TODO: Add as a global parameter as well, and treat all strings as formatable)
  • Added two templates: workstation + 00:11:22:33:44:55, a example of how to set up a workstation using a template and a custom addition. Also added a default template that is similar to the workstation but does everything in one template. They all use some awk magic to fix alt-tab in Awesome WM, it also creates a "desktop" environment and installs some useful tools and fixes the start menu in Awesome WM.
  • Reordering mirrors is now a configurable option (Default turned off, to better suit offline environments)
  • Disk/root password now configurable as either a fixed string, or ask for via STDIN (Syntax for now is: )
  • deployment targets now a variable (todo: add a parameter/argument)
  • SSL support (ignores certificate validation for now, I know this is bad, but until a parameter etc is in place, this has to be a nessecary evil for now)
  • Cleaned up a lot of custom variables and baked them into so it's easier to format strings based off information gathered along the way (such as partition names).
  • Error handling: Mostly for missing dependencies and situations, such as not booted in UEFI environment

A bunch of stuff still left to do. Among those, puff in all cluttery if statements and loose code into functions. Validity checks on SSL certs. More options and test the code in a offline environment (Arch AUR package on the way to overlay releng for instance).

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