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Cleanup & Features

Anton Hvornum requested to merge cleanup into master

Created by: Torxed

Mainly, this is a cleanup push. But it does come with some new features. First of all, the cleanup aims to move and group tasks into functions. This is primarily so we can use the functions in our GUI.

Secondly, new features include:

  • Keep AUR support after installation is complete
  • Phone Home feature, to signal to a master server when/if the installation is completed. (TODO: Add a start call to the phone home, and possibly progress)
  • Fixes Issue #22 (closed), now shows the file format when listing multiple drives/partitions for selection.
  • Reworked sys_command to more behave like a bash terminal being fed inputs
  • Bunch of bugfixes, among them were empty drives (factory wiped disks) caused a crash
  • Adds commands executed into a command-log
  • Some more error handling (True / False returns from functions mainly)

This should put archinstall back into a "normal state of operation" but with a bit cleaner code in terms of __main__ at least. The rest is debatable if it's clean or not heh.

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