Verified Commit db84e820 authored by Levente Polyak's avatar Levente Polyak 🚀 Committed by David Runge
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fix(util): support shells passing subshell fd as /dev/fd

This adds support orthogonal to shells that pass subshell fd as
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......@@ -162,7 +162,8 @@ def transform_fd_to_tmpfile(working_dir: Path, sources: List[Path]) -> None:
sources: Paths that should be iterated and all fd's transformed to tmpfiles
for index, source in enumerate(sources):
if str(source).startswith("/proc/self/fd"):
source_str = str(source)
if source_str.startswith("/proc/self/fd/") or source_str.startswith("/dev/fd/"):
file = mkstemp(dir=working_dir, prefix=f"{}", suffix=".fd")[1]
with open(file, mode="wb") as f:
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