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config: Add -z pack-relative-relocs to LDFLAGS

  • config: Use one -Wl in LDFLAGS per logical flag
    This will separate logical flags with whitespace and make it easier to split the flags across multiple lines.

  • config: Add -z pack-relative-relocs to LDFLAGS
    This moves relative relocations from the .rela.dyn section into a new .relr.dyn section with a significantly more compact encoding, supported since glibc 2.36, GNU Binutils 2.38 and LLVM 15.

    This can reduce the size of libraries a lot, e.g. the installed size of libphonenumber dropped from about 17 MB to 7 MB.

    For more info, see rfcs!23 (merged).

Edited by Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)

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