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Install OOM configuration

  • roles/common: Install generic OOM configuration
    • Allow killing of any cgroup if swap is about to run out. When swap is at least 90% full, oomd will kill a cgroup, tending to kill the cgroup with the highest swap usage.
    • Allow killing cgroups of logged in users under severe memory pressure. When a cgroup is stalled waiting for memory at least 60% of the time, for at least 30 seconds, oomd will attempt to kill it or one of its descendant cgroups.
  • roles/loki: Install custom OOM configuration
    • When loki hits 5.5G RSS, aggressively reclaim its memory. This puts it under memory pressure.
    • When loki hits 6G RSS, invoke the kernel OOM killer.
    • When loki is under severe memory pressure, have systemd-oomd kill it.

Supersedes !394 (closed) (just rebased and notify: systemd daemon-reload added), all credit to @heftig.

Edited by Kristian Klausen

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