Kill the mailman2 server and put the mailman3 server in its place

With the final lists migrated to mailman3[1], the mailman2 server can finally be killed.

When the mailman3 server was initially setup[2], it was done on a separate server because the mailman and mailman3 packages conflicted, and the traffic was routed over wireguard (HTTP, LMTP and SMTP).

Instead of installing mailman3 on the original server and transferring the data, it was easier just to install the missing pieces (basically Postfix and adjusting the Nginx configuration) on the ml3 server and move the IPs (to keep the IP mail reputation).

So basically the following was done:

  • The IPs for the original was moved to the server
  • The mailman2 datadir was transferred to server, so we can keep the pipermail links alive, and import missing mails if needed
  • The original server was decommissioned
  • The server was renamed to
  • The missing pieces was added to the mailman3 role (basically Postfix + Nginx adjustments)
  • The mailman role was deleted and the mailman3 role renamed to mailman

[1] 75ac7d09 ("mailman: Fourth and final batch of mailman3 migrated lists") [2] 9294828f ("Setup mailman3 server")

Fix #59 (closed)

Edited by Kristian Klausen

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