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    feat(PHP): add aurweb Prometheus metrics · 986fa9ee
    Kevin Morris authored
    Along with this initial requests metric implementation,
    we also now serve the `/metrics` route, which grabs request
    metrics out of cache and renders them properly for Prometheus.
    **NOTE** Metrics are only enabled when the aurweb system admin
    has enabled caching by configuring `options.cache` correctly
    in `$AUR_CONFIG`. Otherwise, an error is logged about no cache
    being configured.
    New dependencies have been added which require the use of
    `composer`. See `INSTALL` for the dependency section in regards
    to composer dependencies and how to install them properly for
    Metrics are in the following forms:
    This should allow us to search through the requests for specific routes
    and queries.
    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>