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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v6.2.11 protected
    Release v6.2.11 - 2024-06-10
    - 85af7d6f: revert Set reply-to header for notifications to ML
    - 77e4979f: remove the extra spaces in requests textarea
  • v6.2.10 protected
    Release v6.2.10 - 2024-05-18
    - 4637b2ed: (tests) Fix test case for Prometheus metrics
    - 1ba9e6eb: change git-cliff "tag_pattern" option to regex
    - baf97bd1: (test) FastAPI 0.104.1 - Fix warnings
    - 22e15773: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.109.0
    - 2fcd793a: (test) Fixes for "TestClient" changes
    - 6e32cf42: (i18n) Adjust transifex host URL
    - a37b9685: (deps) update dependency lxml to v5
    - db6bba8b: (deps) update dependency feedgen to v1
    - 319c565c: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 057685f3: Fix package info for 404 errors
    - 21e2ef5e: (test) Fix "TestClient"
    - 3220cf88: (CI) Remove "fast-single-thread" tag
    - 43b322e7: (CI) lint job - fix for python 3.12
    - 1b82887c: Change i18n.txt to markdown format
    - 78342236: Set reply-to header for notifications to ML
    - a0b2e826: Parse markdown within html block elements
    - d050b626: Add blacklist check for pkgbase
    - 21a23c9a: Limit comment length
    - ffddf639: poetry - include python version 3.12
    - afb7af3e: replace deprecated datetime functions
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - f967c356: (i18n) Update translations
    - 9818c3f4: (i18n) Replace [community] leftover mentions to [extra]
    - 76b69712: (deps) Ignore python upgrades with Renovate
    - 6ba06801: (deps) update dependencies
    - c6a530f2: (deps) bump pre-commit tools/libs
  • v6.2.9 protected
    Release v6.2.9 - 2023-11-25
    - 2b8c8fc9: make dependency source use superscript tag
    - 40c1d3e8: (ci) Don't create error reports from sandbox
    - 933654fc: Restrict context var override on the package page
    - 9bf0c610: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 5d302ae0: Support timezone and language query params
    - 765f989b: Allow <del> and <details/summary> tags in comments
    - 9d5b9c47: Add "groups" to package details page
    - 3241391a: update bugs navbar entry to GitLab
    - 029ce3b4: update Gitlab navbar to point to Arch namespace
  • v6.2.8 protected
    Release v6.2.8 - 2023-10-15
    - 3005e82f: Cleanup prometheus metrics for dead workers
    - 5699e9bb: (test) Remove file locking and semaphore
    - 1433553c: (test) Clear previous prometheus data for test
    - 7466e964: (ci) Exclude review-app jobs for renovate MR's
    - fd3022ff: Correct password length message.
    - 2166426d: (deps) update dependencies
    - 27cd5336: Skip setting existing context values
    - 6c610b26: Add terraform config for review-app[1]
    - 9eda6a42: Add ansible provisioning step for review-app
    - 0a7b0295: Indicate dependency source
    - 17020758: TU rename - code changes
    - f540c795: TU rename - UI elements
    - 148c8825: TU rename - /tu routes
    - 61f1e5b3: TU rename - Test suite
    - 87f6791e: TU rename - Comments
    - d2d47254: TU rename - Table/Column names, scripts
    - 9e9ba158: TU rename - Misc
  • v6.2.7 protected
    Release 6.2.7 - 2023-08-04
    - 5ccfa7c0: same ssh key entered multiple times
    - c0bbe21d: (test) correct test for ssh-key parsing
    - fa1212f2: translations not containing string formatting
    - 27819b44: /rss lazy load issue & perf improvements
    - 862221f5: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 5729d678: git links in comments for multiple OIDs
    - bc03d8b8: Fix middleware checking for accepted terms
    - e45878a0: Fix issue with requests totals
    - f74f94b5: (deps) update dependency gunicorn to v21
    - 969b84af: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 7a44f379: (deps) update dependency fastapi to v0.100.1
    - 94b62d29: Check if user exists when editing account
    - 8ad03522: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 347c2ce7: Change order of commit validation routine
    - 44c158b8: Implement statistics class & additional metrics
    - 86994579: Separate cache expiry for stats and search
    - 375895f0: Add Prometheus metrics for requests
    - 6cd70a5c: Add tests for user/package statistics
  • v6.2.6 protected
    Release v6.2.6 - 2023-07-08
    - 9fe8d524: (test) MariaDB 11 upgrade, query result order
    - f3f8c0a8: add recipients to BCC when email is hidden
    - 7cde1ca5: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 81d29b4c: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.100.0
    - 4821fc13: show placeholder for deleted user in comments
    - 3acfb08a: cache package search results with Redis
    - 814ccf6b: add Prometheus metrics for Redis cache
    - 1f40f6c5: set current maintainers
    - c41f2e85: tweak some search queries
    - 7c8b9ba6: add index to tweak our default search query
  • v6.2.5 protected
    Release v6.2.5 - 2023-06-22
    - 58158505: browser hints for password fields
    - 32461f28: (docker) Suppress error PEP-668
    - 143575c9: restore command, remove premature creation of pkgbase
    - e9cc2fb4: only require .SRCINFO in the latest revision
    - 26b2566b: print the user name if connecting via ssh
    - ed17486d: (git) allow keys/pgp subdir with .asc files
    - 1c11c901: switch requests filter for pkgname to "contains"
    - c6c81f07: Amend .gitignore and .dockerignore
  • v6.2.4 protected
    Release v6.2.4 - 2023-05-27
    - 3253a6ad: (deps) remove urllib3 from dependency list
    - d0b0e4d8: update repo information with aurblup script
    - 1b41e857: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 2eacc84c: properly evaluate AURREMEMBER cookie
    - 57c154a7: increase expiry for AURLANG cookie; only set when needed
    - d3663772: make AURREMEMBER cookie a permanent one
    - 22fe4a98: make AURSID a session cookie if "remember me" is not checked
    - d1a3fee9: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
    - 2709585a: (deps) update dependency fastapi to v0.95.2
    - f24fae0c: Add "Requests" filter option for package name
    - 5fe375bd: add link to MergeBaseName in requests.html
    - 146943b3: support new default repos after git migration
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - d2e8fa02: (deps) "Group all minor and patch updates together"
    - 7a88aeb6: update .gitignore for test-emails
    - edc4ac33: remove setting AURLANG and AURTZ on account edit
    - 638ca7b1: remove setting AURLANG and AURTZ on login
    - 49e98d64: increase default session/cookie timeout
    - a7882c75: remove session_time from user.login
    - 0807ae6b: add tests for cookie handling
  • v6.2.3 protected
    Release v6.2.3 - 2023-05-06
    - ad61c443: restore & move cgit html files
    - bab17a9d: amend INSTALL instructions
    - b3fcfb76: improve instructions for setting up a dev/test env
    - 6ede837b: allow users to hide deleted comments
    - 97d0eac3: copy static files
    - 8ca63075: remove PHP implementation
    - 8c5b85db: remove fix for poetry installer
    - a8d14e01: remove unused templates and rework existing ones
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - 1325c717: update poetry.lock
    - e896edac: support for python 3.11 and poetry.lock update
    - b115aedf: (deps) update several dependencies
  • v6.2.2 protected
    Release v6.2.2 - 2023-03-15
    - 2373bdf4: (deps) bump pre-commit hooks
    - cb16f42a: validate timezone before use
    - 45218c4c: per-page needs to be non zero
    - 68813abc: (RTL) make RTL layout properly displayed
    - 0c5b4721: include package data without "Last Packager"
    - 8aac8423: (test) use single-quotes for strings in sql statements
    - 7d06c9ab: encode package name in URL for source files
    - 52c962a5: (deps) fastapi 0.92.0 upgrade
    - b9df7541: add comments in email for direct deletion/merge
    - bf0d4a2b: (deps) bump dependencies
    - 993a0446: (poetry) use classic installer
    - 7d1827ff: cancel button for comment editing
    - b1a9efd5: (git) remove deprecated "setup-repo" command
    - 8d2e176c: stop "pkgmaint" script (cron job)
    - c0390240: (deps) bump dependencies
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - f9a5188f: (lint) reformatting after black update
  • v6.2.1 protected
    Release v6.2.1 - 2023-01-27
    - 97e1f07f: (deps) update srcinfo to 0.1.2
    - ef2baad7: expand on tests and show on Gitlab UI
    - 137ed04d: add tests .SRCINFO parsing and git update routine
  • v6.2.0 protected
    Release v6.2.0 - 2023-01-26
    - 8027ff93: alignment of pagination element
    - d8e91d05: (rpc) provides search should return name match
    - 413de914: remove trailing whitespace lint check for ./po
    - 2150f8bc: (docker) nginx health check
    - 4d0a982c: assert offset and per_page are positive
    - 0e44687a: only try to show dependencies if object exists
    - a2487c20: (deps) update dependency bleach to v6
    - 65ba735f: bleach upgrade 6.0
    - 36fd58d7: show notification box when adding a comment
    - ff0123b5: save notification state for unchanged comments
    - 6c9be9eb: (deps) update dependencies from renovate
    - becce1aa: occasional errors when loading package details
    - 255cdcf6: (revert): fix: only try to show dependencies if object exists
    - 2b8dedb3: add pagination element below comments
    - ff44eb02: add link to mailing list article on requests page
    - f6c48914: add Support section to Dashboard
    - c176b2b6: increase mandatory coverage to 95%
    - ec239cee: add "Last Updated" column to search results
    - 7f9ac28f: (deps) add watchfiles
    - 7a9448a3: improve packages search-query
  • v6.1.9 protected
    c74772cb · chore: bump to v6.1.9 ·
    Release v6.1.9 - RPC enrichments and bugfixes
    - 73f0bddf: handle default requests when using pages
    - ff92e95f: delete associated ssh public keys with account deletion
    - 6b0978b9: (deps) update dependencies from renovate
    - 512ba023: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.87.0
    - 1216399d: (test) FastAPI 0.87.0 - error fixes
    - a832b3cd: (test) FastAPI 0.87.0 - warning fixes
    - a08681ba: Add "Show more..." link for "Required by"
    - 7864ac6d: search-by parameter for keyword links
    - 50287cb0: (rpc) add "by" parameters - package relations
    - 0583f30a: (rpc) add "by" parameter - groups
    - 5484e68b: (rpc) add "by" parameter - submitter
    - efd20ed2: (rpc) add "by" parameter - keywords
    - bcd808dd: (rpc) add "by" parameter - comaintainers
    - 500d6b40: add co-maintainers to RPC
    - bce5b81a: allow filtering requests from maintainers
    - d5e102e3: add "Submitter" field to /rpc info request
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - 4f56a016: fix mailing-lists urls
    - c248a74f: fix mailing-list URL on passreset page
    - c74772cb: bump to v6.1.9
  • v6.1.8 protected
    c0e80607 · chore: bump to v6.1.8 ·
    Release v6.1.8 - Filter Requests and meta-archives enrichments
    - 52433440: add production to be less verbose
    - 3dcbee5a: make overwriting of archive files atomic
    - 286834ba: regression on gzipped filenames from 3dcbee5a
    - 8555e232: fix mailing list after migration to mailman3
    - b757e669: add filters and stats for requests
    - 48e5dc67: remove empty lines from ssh_keys text area, and show helpful message
    - 333051ab: add field "Submitter" to metadata-archives
    - 6ee34ab3: add field "CoMaintainers" to metadata-archives
    - 04176034: bump renovate dependencies
    - d00371f4: bump renovate dependencies
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - 9c0f8f05: rename and to avoid circular imports
    - c0e80607: bump to v6.1.8
    - 5669821b: tweak some queries in mkpkglists
    - f10c1a05: add PackageKeywords.PackageBaseID index
    - 7e06823e: remove redundand parenthesis when return tuple
    - d793193f: make logging easier to read
  • v6.1.7 protected
    da5a646a · upgrade: bump to v6.1.7 ·
    Release v6.1.7 - Bugfixes
    - 18f5e142: include orphaned packages in metadata output
    - da5a646a: bump to v6.1.7
  • v6.1.6 protected
    3ae6323a · upgrade: bump to v6.1.6 ·
    Release v6.1.6 - Delete accounts
    - 137644e9: suggest shallow clone in
    - 8657fd33: GET|POST /account/{name}/delete
    - 3ae6323a: bump to v6.1.6
  • v6.1.5 protected
    Release v6.1.5 - Git Archive
    See doc/ for a complete specification of our
    Git Archive implementation.
    - ec315201: retry transactions who fail due to deadlocks
    - 0dddaeeb: remove sessions of suspended users
    - e00b0059: remove --spec popularity from cron recommendations
    - 30e72d2d: archive git repository (experimental)
    - eb0c5605: bump version to v6.1.5
  • v6.1.4 protected
    Release v6.1.4 - Bugfixes
    - 37c7dee0: produce DeleteNotification a line before handle_request
    - adc3a218: add 'unsafe-inline' to script-src CSP
    - 62495404: (rpc) include route doc at the top of aurweb.routers.rpc
    - 8e8b746a: (rpc) add GET /rpc/v5/search/{arg} openapi route
    - 17f2c05f: (rpc) add GET /rpc/v5/suggest/{arg} openapi route
    - f450b5df: bump to version v6.1.4
  • v6.1.3 protected
    Release v6.1.3 - Updates, Bugfixes, RPC OpenAPI, CSP
    - 7fed5742: display requests for TUs which no longer have an associated User
    - a629098b: conditional display on Request's 'Filed by' field
    - 0388b128: package description on /packages/{name} view
    - 310c469b: run pre-commit checks instead of flake8 and isort
    - b38e765d: (deps) update dependency aiofiles to ^0.8.0
    - cdc7bd61: (deps) update dependency email-validator to v1.2.1
    - a981ae40: (deps) update dependency httpx to ^0.23.0
    - a73af3e7: (deps) update dependency hypercorn to ^0.14.0
    - bb310bdf: (deps) update dependency uvicorn to ^0.18.0
    - 486f8bd6: (deps) update dependency aiofiles to v22
    - 6ab9663b: (deps) update dependency authlib to v1
    - 7ad22d81: (deps) update dependency bcrypt to v4
    - 3de17311: (deps) update dependency bleach to v5
    - 307d944c: (deps) update dependency protobuf to v4
    - 69d67247: (deps) update dependency redis to v4
    - a2d08e44: (docker) run `pre-commit run -a` once
    - 03776c46: (docker) cache & install pre-commit deps during image build
    - b3853e01: (pre-commit) include migrations in fixes/checks
    - 4e061846: (test) JSONResponse() requires a content argument with fastapi 0.83.0
    - bb6e602e: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.83.0
    - df0a4a2b: (rpc) add /rpc/v5/{type} openapi-compatible routes
    - 9faa7b80: add to script/style CSP
    miscellaneous tasks:
    - a84d115f: (deps) add renovate.json
    - 655402a5: (deps) update dependency pytest-asyncio to ^0.19.0
    - a39f34d6: (deps) update dependency pytest to v7
    - 83ddbd22: get /requests displays all requests, including those without a User
    - 25e05830: test that /packages/{name} produces the package's description
    - 5e75a00c: bump to version v6.1.3
  • v6.1.2 protected
    Release v6.1.2 - Bugfixes
    - b8a4ce4c: include maint/comaint state in pkgbase post's error context
    - 6435c2b1: bump to version v6.1.2