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Use a GitHub team for managing access to the read-only mirrors

github-pull-closer[1] needs write access for closing the PRs.


Fix #390
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......@@ -93,4 +93,5 @@ If you want to add a new official project, here are some guidelines to follow:
1. [ ] In the GitHub description of the mirrored project, append " (read-only mirror)" so that people know it's a mirror.
1. [ ] Disable `Packages` and `Environments` from being shown on the main page.
1. [ ] In the website field put the full url to the repository on our GitLab.
½. [ ] Go to and remove the GitHub account `archlinux-github`
1. [ ] Go to and remove the GitHub account `archlinux-github`
1. [ ] Go to and add the repository with `write` permission
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