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mkpkglists improvements

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:teapot into master

This overlaid MR changes a couple things, namely the format of the meta package archive and only updating archives when needed.

Update When Needed:

We now use the information_schema.tables AUTO_INCREMENT column to keep track of a "serial number" that can be used to tell us whether we need to update or not.

Metadata Format:

    The SQL logic in this file for package metadata now exactly
    reflects RPC's search logic, without searching for specific

    Two command line arguments are available:

        --extended | Include License, Keywords and Groups fields

    When one of these arguments are passed, the script will create
    a packages-meta-ext-v1.json.gz, configured via packagesmetaextfile.

    Archive JSON is in the following format: line-separated package objects
    enclosed in a list:


    This allows users to stream the archive and process packages
    line-by-line, during the local storage process.

    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris <>
Edited by Kevin Morris

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